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We are a family-owned dealership that has enjoyed doing business in Brownsville since 1991. We love putting smiles on customers’ faces, and we would love to hear how we did.

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KJ Lee 12 Jan 2018
I've read some of the reviews about bad service, quality etc...and I can tell you first hand I DIDNT SEE IT!.... These people were nothing but courteous to me!...courteous doesn't describe it accurately they treated me ROYALTY ....I flew in from Colorado especially for a particular truck I had been ...searching for to test drive and hopefully drive back to Co. David (fantastic guy) picked me up in Memphis at the airport drove me 45 min to motel, the next morning Tony (another great guy) brought the truck to the motel (now here's the unfortunate but almost comical part) 2 blocks before the motel the hood flew back (wasn't latched all the way) wiped out hood, grill, hinges, valence and damaged tops of fenders, Tony was beside himself! He couldn't believe it.... Honestly when that truck came around the corner I about fell on the ground lol Long story short we test drove the truck and I bought it. Tony and I drove to Memphis (2 1/2 hour round trip) for new hood and grill while they took my truck to repair shop, unfortunately the repairs were rather extensive and I couldn't wait around 4-5 days we booked a return flight that afternoon but that evening David called motel and invited me to dinner with his family!...I declined but an hour later Harley,( an absolutely charming woman and the owner Galen's daughter) called and insisted on delivering the most incredible meal I've had in a long time! And at 3:30 A.M. David took me back to the airport for my return flight..... The FINAL result of all this IS... An unfortunate mishap occurred and these fine people not only arranged all the repairs and covered them but also are making arrangements right now to ship my truck back to Colorado!...and as I said in the beginning TREATED ME LIKE ROYALTY!.. So a huge thank you to Galen, Tony, David, Tommy and most certainly Harley!!! THATS SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!! ... Kevin Show more
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John 24 Jun 2014
I've bought several cars over the years from the guys at American Motors. Thanks for the years of service and triple thanks to Tony!
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