Trade in your vehicle in Brownsville, TN

You're probably looking to accomplish two things in the near future: sell your current car and buy a new one. There are plenty of places to do both of those tasks, but American Motors of Brownsville is one of the few where you can do both of them in one visit. More specifically, American Motors of Brownsville is the best places for both of those goals and more.

What sets us apart from the rest? Well, for starters, you can take several steps towards both of your goals—selling your car and buying another—right here, right now. In other words, if you want to view our inventory, calculate your trade value, and apply for financing today, all of that can be done on our website and the links are right here on this page! Keep on reading to learn how to trade in your vehicle in Brownsville, TN with American Motors of Brownsville.

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View Our Inventory

The first step in buying a vehicle is knowing which car you want to call your own. We have a very interesting variety throughout our extensive inventory, so you're sure to find a model that fits your day-to-day needs, lifestyle, financial situation, and everything else. Click the button above and check out our used car inventory today!


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Value Your Trade

By clicking the button above, you'll be taken to our trade value module. Once there, you'll need to fill out some information about your current vehicle, such as service intervals, gas mileage, etc. Once all of that has been shared, we'll be able to give you a rough idea of how much trade value we can offer in exchange for your car.


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Easy Credit Approval

After looking at our inventory and choosing which used car is perfect for you—and perhaps also using the trade value calculator—you may want to apply for financing to help bridge the gap between you and your next vehicle. To apply, just click the button above and fill out the boxes on the next page! After that, we'll let you know if you've qualified.

How to use trade-in value from your old car towards a new car at American Motors of Jackson 

As mentioned above, you can use our trade value calculator to get a rough idea of how much we can offer you for your current vehicle. Negotiation is allowed, but we'll warn you: we're good. Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert negotiator in order to get an amazing deal with us. For example, if you qualify for our financing, plus trade in your old car, then you'll be much closer to your next vehicle than you realize. In addition to the available financing, you'll also be able to put the trade value of your old car towards the purchase of the new one! This can be done in the form of either a full down payment or a discount. Either way, we'll give you the best deal available.

If you think of any other questions—perhaps related to our inventory, trade-in calculator, or financing services—then don't be afraid to ask. Likewise, if you're ready to trade in your vehicle in Brownsville, TN, then our team is ready to welcome it into its new home. After that, we'll be happy to help you get the car you want at a price you can comfortably afford. We hope to hear from you soon!


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